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Glaze SamaN

Long open time for an extended application time

High-Quality Waterbases Glaze

This product has been engineered in a way to add depth to any special finishing project and creates an infinite variety of designs and effects on interior surfaces. Ideal for all faux finishes. Use SamaN Glaze anywhere a glaze is recommended. It slows down the drying process. Works great with all faux and paint effects applicators. The SamaN Glaze can be tinted with Superior Paint Co. paints or Modern Masters Metallic paints and turned into a translucent, durable colored glaze with a one hour "open time".

Usage: Use on new or previously painted furniture, trims, walls and ceilings. Recommended for interior surfaces of wood, cured plaster, wallboard, metal and masonry.

Surface Preparation: Make sure the surface is clean, dry and free of wax and grease. High gloss areas should be dulled with fine grit sandpaper to ensure proper adhesion.

Direction: Test on an inconspicuous area to check the desired color and effect prior to proceeding. Mix one part of Superior Paint Co. chalk paint with four parts of Glaze. Use any faux effect technique to get the result you want. Work in an area of about  3 ft  X 3 ft and do not let the edge dry.

Cleaning: Clean-up tools with warm soapy water.

Working Time: SamaN Glaze gives you the longest working time, over and hour. (the time that the Glaze remains wet and workable).

Coverage: 100-200sq.ft./ litre when mixed with latex paint.

VOC: This product does not exceed a VOC of 250g/l

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