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Liquid Sander


Liquid Sander


Circa 1850 Liquid Sandpaper

Circa 1850 Liquid Sandpaper is formulated to replace sandpaper. It is an ideal product to dull and soften painted and varnished surfaces before refinishing. Circa 1850 Liquid Sandpaper improves the adhesion of the new finish.

Size: 1ltr


First clean the surface with TSP ECO. Always test on inconspicuous area before using on plastics, painted surfaces. With a moistened 300 grit sanding pad wipe surface to be refinished until it is slightly sticky (make sure to wear chemical resistant gloves). Before applying a water-based finish, allow the surface to dry completely (no longer tacky). When finishing rough surfaces, moisten sandpaper with Liquid Sander to smooth out high spots and provide better adhesion.

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