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How To: Patina with Modern Masters Oxidizing Kits

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I am so excited for this tutorial as I've been dying to use these new kits made by Modern Masters that we're so excited to now carry in 2oz kits and 16oz kits!


What are Metal Effects Kits???

Combine the ancient art of patinization with modern day paint technology to formulate Metal Effects oxidizing paints, patinas and rust activator.  These products create the distinctive and timeless look of bronze and copper patina or the weathered appearance of rusted iron in a matter of minutes, on any paintable surface.


These oxidizing finish kits transform any paintable surface in minutes. Choose a green patina, blue patina, or rust finish.

2oz kit includes full instructions and covers up to 2 sq. ft. Just right for small projects.

16oz kit covers up to 40sqft. instructions not included.


patina kits

I searched online looking at transformations using this product here's a couple of my favorites...


STEP #1:

Find your project, choose your patina kit and don't forget to take a "before" photo.

Here's these lovely floating shelves I bought at a my very first garage sale about 15 years ago.

green patina kit

I decided to use the 2oz Green Patina Kit

Here's all the products inside the kit primer, copper and activator.

STEP #2:

Prep and clean your project.

How to clean your furniture before painting

I washed the surface using a 300 Grit Pad and 15ml TSPeco concentrate mixed with a bucket of warm water.



STEP #3:

Apply one coat of primer and let dry for 30mins or so.

HOT TIP: The Picasso brushes fit perfect into the bottle and work great for getting into the detailed areas!

STEP #4:

After your first coat of primer is dry apply a second coat of primer and let dry for 2 hours.

STEP #5:

Apply the metal paint and let dry for 30 mins or so.

This is the copper metal paint.

STEP #6:

Apply your second coat of metal paint and while your project is still wet lightly spray the  activator over the entire surface.

Here's 15 mins after I sprayed the activator.

Here's 25 mins after I sprayed the activator.

Here's an hour after I sprayed the activator.

STEP #7:

Once your project is completely dry make sure to seal it with Top Coat.

For detailed directions how to apply Top Coat click here.

HOT TIP: For best results we recommend HVLP spraying the Top Coat.

STEP #8:

Enjoy and show off you're masterpiece!

 Green patina

Here's a close up of Green Patina.

After I saw the results I just had to try the other two kits!

Left is Green Patina and right is Blue Patina.

Here's a close up of the blue patina (my personal favorite).




  • Make sure to apply the activator on a flat surface or you will risk getting runs.
  • If you apply too much activator make sure to quickly blot with a dry cloth.
  • The primer is very strong! Make sure you elevate your project to prevent it sticking to your drop cloth.
  • Make sure to stir the primer and the metal paint before use (a Popsicle stick works well).
  • If your using the Rust Kit make sure to stir the iron VERY well as the Iron tends to settle at the bottom.
  • If using the Rust Kit make sure let the iron paint dry for 1 hour before you spray the activator then wait 5 mins and spray a second coat or activator.
  • The heavier you spray the activator the more patina will show and less of the metal paint.

Things You'll Need:

I hope I've inspired you to add a patina finish to your space. I can honestly say we love the results of these products and how easy they are to use! We're already planning more larger projects! Make sure to follow Superior Paint Co. on Instagram & Facebook to see what we patina next!

Happy Painting Everyone!


I've got one more HOT TIP! The Blue and Green Patina Kits are inter-mixable! If you love the copper metal paint from the Green Patina Kit and wanna add a Blue Patina to it just spray the Blue Activator from the Blue Patina Kit or vise-versa!

I took Superior Appliques and painted the primer (its the same primer for all three kits)

Left Bronze Metal Paint and sprayed with the Green Patina

Right Copper Metal Paint and sprayed with the Blue Patina
Here's the Rust Kit (Ray's favorite).
Left I heavily saturated with activator.
Right I sprayed a soft mist of activator.
***When spraying the Rust activator it will dry yellow but once sealed with Top Coat  the colour will deepen and turn a rich rust finish***




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