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New 2018 Summer Superior Chalk Paint Colour

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Vintage Green Chalkboard Paint Colour
The inspiration behind our new Superior Paint Co. Vintage Chalkboard chalk furniture paint colour is 100% in the name...
Vintage Chalkboards - Introducing the new chalk paint colour for summer 2018
Those huge vintage green schoolhouse chalkboards you remember from your childhood! 
Most designers and stylists always fit a little bit of green into a room no matter what and it often comes in the shape of a real life plant if not in the décor itself. It has been suggested that green is so uplifting and such a natural everyday earthly colour that without it, we subconsciously feel stuck, claustrophobic and stale. Perhaps it is because we perceive the colour green as the generator of life and all it’s forms, like the grass we walk on, the mountains we seek and the air we breathe from the trees. Without it, life simply would not exist.


Vintage Chalkboard Green - By Superior Paint Co. designer chalk furniture paint
New Superior Paint Co. Vintage Green Chalkboard - Chalk furntiure paints
Green is the color of nature and health. It represents growth, nature, money, fertility and safety. The color green is a relaxing color that is pleasing to the eye and is said to have healing powers. It is often used to represent anything that has to do with health. 
Vintage Chalkboard Chalk Furniture and Cabinet paint by Superior Paint Co.
Superior Paint Co. Green Vintage Chalkboard
 The color green is full of balance and harmony. From a color psychology perspective, it’s the color green, that puts heart and emotions in balance, and equals head and heart. The green color is an emotionally positive color, which gives us the ability to love and care for ourselves and others unconditionally. 
Superior Paint Co. Vintage Chalkboard Green
Vintage Chalkboard inspiration board - Superior Paint Co. Chalk Furniture Paint
As a combination of the color yellow and the color blue, the color green get its mental clarity and optimism from the yellow color, with the emotional tranquility and insight from the blue color. It gives more hope than any other colors. The color green promotes love of nature, family, friends, pets and home.
Vintage Chalkboard Superior Paint Co. Chalk Furntiure Paint
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