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How To: Stain without Stripping using Saman Hybrid Stains

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How to stain without stripping

Do you love your solid wood furniture but hate your dated stain colour? Are you looking for a quick easy fix? We have a product for you!

Introducing our NEW Saman Hybrid Stains....

SSV Saman Hybrid Stains

We're so excited for this new product as most DIY-ers are looking for a chemical free, non toxic, quick easy fix to update your furniture without paying $$$$ and safe for anyone to do themselves in their home.

SamaN interior stain that seals, stains & varnishes (SSV) in one easy step!

Ideal to refresh or change the colour of a previously finished piece of furniture without stripping!


New Hybrid furniture stain

-Eco friendly

-Hybrid oil based formula


-Dries fast

-Low VOC product

-Water clean up

-Built in sealer

Use on all interior bare wood, stained or finished surfaces such as fine furniture, cabinet, moulding, craft and doors. The SamaN Oil based stain is non-toxic, virtually odorless, fast drying and brings out the richness and vividness of fine wood. With the right method and the appropriate wood stain, you can, without having to strip the wood, give your already finished woodworks, wood furniture and kitchen cupboards a second life.

So now that you know all about this product lets get started!


Step #1:

Find your project or projects and take a before photo ... yes I always say this in all my blog posts as your friends and family will thank you and so will I if you send me pictures!

Before photo

Here's my little project for this tutorial a little side table our clients Nicole & Darren graciously donated to us.


Step #2:

Choose your desired Saman Hybrid stain colour:

Saman currently has 19 Hybrid stain colours to choose from

Saman hybrid stain colours

 Choosing a stain colour

I choose 311 Cocoa to add richness to the wood and help neutralize the yellow/orange tones.

Step #3:

Prep your surface:


I removed the base because I am planning on painting the base in Superior Paint Co. Ivory.

-If you need to replace the hardware or make repairs do so now

-After all alterations and repairs are done its time to clean the piece using Saman's TSP Eco and 300 Grit Sanding Brillo Pad

Cleaning furniture with TSP Eco

If you know me you have probably heard me rave to you many times about this product! It's a must-have product for every painter and also works amazing when cleaning bathrooms and kitchens! 

-Once your piece is dry give your project a light hand sanding with 180 grit sand paper making sure to sand with the grain...DON'T sand in circular motion you will leave circles on your piece


HOT TIP (from Ray): Once sanded use 240 grit to prevent any sanding marks from the abrasive 180 grit sand paper

Step #4

After sanding make sure to rewash with TSP Eco and once dry use a Tack Cloth to remove any excess sanding debris.

Cleaning again

Step #5

Apply your Saman Hybrid stain (don't forget to stir!!!)

Brushes we suggest using for best application:

-ClingOn Flat F30 or F50

-ProForm Oval 2 or 3"

-High quality poly foam brush

When applying the stain apply a thin even coat following the wood grain and keeping a wet edge. Allow your project to fully dry once tackiness is gone you can reapply a second coat if you would like to darken your finish.

Applying the first coat

Here's my first coat using the ClingOn F30

Second coat

After applying the first coat I let dry for 40 min. (until the tackiness is gone) and applied a second coat using my Poly Brush.


Step #6 (optional)

Once your happy with stained surface let it dry over night. Saman Hybrid Stains have a built in sealer... However if you would like to add addition sealer on top to add extra durability now is the time to do so.

 Sanding with 600 grit sanding pad

Before I added an extra coat of sealer I gave the surface a very light sand with my 600 grit sanding pad and applied Saman Water Based Satin Varnish.

Ivory table base

While the top was drying I painted the base in Ivory and sealed with the same Saman Satin Varnish.

HOT TIP: YES we're very excited to announce Saman Varnishes are compatible with Superior Paints! Saman Varnishes are available in Quarts and Gallons are also available through special order.

Step #7

Enjoy and show off your masterpiece!

Stained top

Stained top


After photo

Before and after


  • Always practice on an inconspicuous area first to get a feel for the product and ensure it's your desired colour.
  • Saman Hybrid stain colours can be mixed to create your own custom stain colour.
  • Don't cheep out and use a low quality brush as your finish will turn out streaky.
  • Make sure to wash out your brush after your finished applying the stain (if left out it will dry hard as rock)
  • Like all paints and sealers on the market they take 30 days to fully cure so please be gentle with your treasure!

Things You'll Need:

I hope I have inspired you to give Saman's Hybrid Stains a try! I am super happy with the results and I will defiantly be doing a lot more pieces using this product.

For inspiration on your next DIY project make sure to follow us on Pinterest and check out our Saman Board!

Happy Staining & Painting Everyone!











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